MV Seapearl 3

  • MV SeaPearl 3

    MV SeaPearl 3

    There will be a variety of cruises that will be running from different places around the islands of Thailand. There are some that will be pricey but there are also some who are a lot cheaper. MV SeaPearl 3 is one of those cruises that are very cheap in price.

    MV SeaPearl 3 will take you to a two way land transfer between the Phuket Airport, Patong Guesthouses and Thap Lamu Pier. MV SeaPearl 3 is 21 meters in length, 5 meters in width and 2.5 meters in draft. It can accommodate a maximum of sixteen guests and staffs that includes one dive master and four to six guests. Inside the cruise there will be six standard cabins and two master cabins. In standard cabins there will be bunk beds while master cabins have double beds. Also, there will be three bathrooms inside the cruise and 4.5 meters in length sundeck.

    This is designed skeptically to bring pleasure and unique experience for the one who will be using this. Have a life and spend your days to the fullest.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    MV SeaPearl 3 will provide you different entertainment inside the cabins. There will be radios and television that you could use to have fun and enjoy the ride. They will also serve you drinks and foods inside. MV SeaPearl 3 will take care of you and will ensure your safeties by having life jackets, oxygen and a full compartment of fire extinguishers. The assigned staffs will be there to assist and give you some service.

    Best Time to Visit

    Any time is not applicable in using the MV SeaPearl 3; it will depend on the season. Usually, it is best during the months of October up to the month of May. From the months of May up to August, it is documented that the weather in gulf of Thailand is at its best. Considering this, you may choose a trip near the gulf of Thailand during those months.

    Arrival and Boarding

    MV SeaPearl 3 offers different packages that you may take before riding the cruise. One of it is their Similan Package which consists of full board accommodation in the cruise, nine guided boat dives, two guided night boat dives for certified divers and Similan Marine Park fee. It consists of fived days and four nights stay in the cruise. Will depart from Singapore and will arrive in Phuket after five days. Checking out will be done in the Phuket upon your arrival.