Similan Liveaboards

  • Similan Liveaboards

    -Unique and fantastic resorts that offer a liveaboards stay. You will enjoy your whole stay to the place as you feel the exciting touch of cool air over your skin and see the great view of clear sea water that can overlook to its magnificent aquatic resources. You will feel that you are just in a house or cottage but you are actually on a stationary ship that can offer a great comfort and can give everything that you need in a stay. Unique and exciting experience is waiting for you in Similain Liveaboards.

  • MV DiveRace

    MV DiveRace

    The MV diverace is formerly known as the White Manta. For all the entire cruises in Thailand that has en suite cabins and visits the Similan Islands, MV diverace is the cheapest. It is 26 meters in length and 6 meters in beam. The cruise can accommodate fourteen divers and full charter can accommodates maximum of eighteen divers.

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  • MV Manta Queen

    MV Manta Queen

    The most comfortable liveaboards of MV Manta Queen can accommodate visitors in a spacious air conditioned cabins. There will be big salons and expanded sun decks that invite you to stay and relax while the boats runs and take you to some other paradise. The wide dive decks can allow you to have easy entrance and exits. There are many things that you can do in the boats. You can enjoy sleeping, diving, eating, relaxing and sunbathing.

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  • MV Seapearl 3

    MV Seapearl 3

    There will be a variety of cruises that will be running from different places around the islands of Thailand. There are some that will be pricey but there are also some who are a lot cheaper. MV SeaPearl 3 is one of those cruises that are very cheap in price.

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