Shark Fin Reef

  • Shark Fin Reef

    Shark Fin Reef

    Shark Fin Reef features vivid and contrasting scenery to those dive sites on the eastern part of the Similans. Here is a series of massive granite boulders that are coated with gorgonian sea fans plus a variety of hard corals. There is a sloping reef of stacked boulders on the northeast. The southeast is more popular drop-off reminiscent of an underwater Grand Canyon. The boulders create a large swim through that gives an entrance to the other side of this site. The swim through should be handled properly because of the fragile hard coral growth.

    There is a good diversity of species here including schools of batfish, palette surgeonfish, large cube boxfish, clown triggerfish, blue faced angel fish, and banner fish. Here you may also look for sharks and larger rays.

    Diving here during strong currents is only advisable for professional divers. However, the usual currents are easy so beginners can still enjoy their dives and be overwhelmed when introduced to the underwater world.

    Location: South East of Koh Payan
    Currents: Moderate to strong
    Visibility: 20 m to 40 m
    Depth: 5 m to 40 m
    Best Time to Dive: November to April