Deep Six

  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

    Deep six is another site in Similan that offers an overwhelming deep dive. It forms a V shaped ridge on the northern part of the island which points towards into the deep water. Its V sides form the reef slopes on the island.

    The best part of Deep Six is at the north, closed to the cracked and exposed rock that is the trademark of the site. At about 10 meters down the buoy line are several swim throughs that are usual in Similan Islands.

    The coral life here is good including green and purple soft corals, wart finger and table corals, and leather corals. The marine life is also spectacular. Here are your chances to see schools of rainbow runners, giant trevallys, blue fin trevallys, fusiliers, tuna, boxfish, powder blue surgeonfish, lyretail grouper, chocolate butterfly fish, bannerfish, Java rabbit fish, blue spotted sting rays, leopard sharks, and white tip reef sharks.

    Location: Central part of Similan
    Currents: Moderate to strong
    Visibility: 15 m to 30 m
    Depth: 5 m to 40 m
    Best Time to Dive: October to May