Breakfast Bend

  • Breakfast Bend

    Breakfast Bend

    The name Breakfast Bend was derived from the attractive early morning light here. The corals here are still fine despite of the damages brought by Asian Tsunami on southern areas of Island 9, in 2004. There are bigger but not so usual corals on the abrupt reef slope where plate corals dominate.

    The boulders create swim throughs and channels where you may look out for white tip reef sharks. The marine life here includes black spot garden eels, leopard sharks, rare octopus, cobia, large tunas, snappers and many more.

    This site is good for conducting check out dives and for snorkeling as well. Diving here can be thrilling when the currents are strong.

    Location: North West of Koh Similan Island
    Currents: Mild, can be strong
    Visibility: 20 m to 40 m
    Depth: 5 m to 35 m
    Best Time to Dive: October to May