Similan Dive Sites

  • Similan Dive Sites

    -Similan is the best choice of place when it comes in diving. Has a great view with clear bluish water and amazing underwater creatures. Extravagant surroundings that became a residing place for various birds and other unusual animals.

  • Beacon Reef

    Beacon Reef

    Beacon Reef is the main reef of Koh Similan parallel to the island’s beach. It features an abrupt drop off with a clashing variety of hard corals from 35 m almost to the surface. This site has most diversity of vigorous hard corals in the Similan Islands, for more that 300 species.

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  • Boulder City

    Boulder City

    Boulder City is another famous site located at about 400 meters south east of the Shark Fin Reef. It is a large and exposed location where you may possibly see almost everything on this site. The site offers an exhilarating dive especially when the currents are running.

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  • Breakfast Bend

    Breakfast Bend

    The name Breakfast Bend was derived from the attractive early morning light here. The corals here are still fine despite of the damages brought by Asian Tsunami on southern areas of Island 9, in 2004. There are bigger but not so usual corals on the abrupt reef slope where plate corals dominate.

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  • Christmas Point

    Christmas Point

    Christmas Point is one of the best dive sites in the Similan Islands. It offers a colorful, scenic and exhilarating dive to all types of divers. The dive here starts by going down a port to a sandy bottom at about 20 meters deep, then heading deeper to south west where there are numerous giant arches and several of the best swim throughs in the Similan Islands.

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  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

    Deep six is another site in Similan that offers an overwhelming deep dive. It forms a V shaped ridge on the northern part of the island which points towards into the deep water. Its V sides form the reef slopes on the island.

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  • East of Eden

    East of Eden

    East of Eden has the most astonishing bommie in the islands of Similan. Here is a magnificent array of blue and purple soft corals, lobophyton soft corals and red bulb tentacle anemones that host western clownfish and skunk anemone fish.

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  • Elephant Head Rock

    Elephant Head Rock

    Elephant Head Rock is named after an atypically shaped rick that extends out of the water, southwest of Koh Similan. Here are large boulders that create challenging swim-throughs, caverns, tunnels, gullies and arches.

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  • Honeymoon Bay

    Honeymoon Bay

    Honeymoon bay offers an easy and a soothing dive that is suitable for both amateur and professional divers. It also features a good check out dive and a very dramatic and exhilarating underwater scenery. The site is a very accessible beach dive especially for those who are staying on the island.

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  • North Point

    North Point

    North Point features same conditions off its northern coast with huge boulders that cover a huge portion of area. There are buoys offered to go down. The giant boulders are lying on 35 meters and ascend to 10 meters. These boulders create gullies between the rocks and daring swim-throughs. Between the boulders are hard and soft radiant corals, protected from strong currents.

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  • Shark Fin Reef

    Shark Fin Reef

    Shark Fin Reef features vivid and contrasting scenery to those dive sites on the eastern part of the Similans. Here is a series of massive granite boulders that are coated with gorgonian sea fans plus a variety of hard corals. There is a sloping reef of stacked boulders on the northeast. The southeast is more popular drop-off reminiscent of an underwater Grand Canyon.

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  • West of Eden

    West of Eden

    West of Eden is another popular dive site in Similan. It is in the west of “East of Eden” and is a distinct site. The site is usual with huge rocks, many nooks and crannies. It also features a spectacular diversity of marine life. It has great soft corals and sea fans as well.

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