Anita’s Reef

  • Anita’s Reef

    Anita’s Reef

    Anita’s Reef is another amazing site in Similan that offers a very good underwater scenery plus a spectacular diving experience you wouldn’t forget. The reef has spectacular coral bommies and patches, composed of table corals and staghorn corals as well. There are also several soft coral bommies and sea fans that host long nose hawkfish. The golden brown and purple dendronephthya corals, on the other hand, are the home for glassfish and juvenile fish.

    Here you will also see lionfish, clown triggerfish, oriental sweetlips, blue fin trevallys, eels, blue spotted Kuhl’s stingrays, blue blanquillo, sea cucumbers, shrimp gobies, whitepatch razorfish, hogfish, fusiliers, blue damsels, roundhead parrotfish, tilan triggerfish, yellow fin goat fish, and many more.

    The current here is easy and is good for check out dives, giving you a calm yet excellent dive.

    Location: Northwest of Phuket, west of Khao Lak
    Currents: Calm, can be strong
    Visibility: 20 m to 40 m
    Depth: 5 m to 26 m
    Best Time to Dive: October to May