Diving in Similan

Diving in Similan have pristine reefs & healthy coral habitats that cling to massive rocks that encase the islands.

Marine Life Highlights in Similan

malabar-grouper | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Marine Life In Similan
Malabar Gouper
pineapple-fish | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Marine Life In Similan
Pineapple Fish
andaman-sweetlips | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Marine Life In Similan
Andaman Sweetlips

Dive Sites In Semilan

anitas-reef | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Anita’s Reef

Anita’s Reef also known as Barracuda Point, lies on the east coast. Just off Similan Island No. 4. It proudly presents to you impressive coral formations, subterranean landscapes that provides a sanctuary for diverse marine life.

There is a great reef underwater from 5 to 30 meters. A big great coral bommie on the east side and huge granite boulders on the right south of the island about 30 meters in depth can also be seen. On the west part of the island, there is a small wreck (a fishing boat) that lies about 28 to 40 meters.

You can also see in this diving site the hunting Bluefin Trevally, Yellowfin Goatfish, Blue Damsels, and even the Shrimp Gobies that welcomes you as you dive deeper. The ideal period to visit is from October to November.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: –

elephant-head | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Elephant Head

Rated as the most spectacular dive site in Similan Islands, Elephant Rock also called as Hin Pusa, is composed of giant granite boulders which forms a complex maze of swim throughs, channels and gorges that reaches the depth of over 40 meters. Its name comes from the shape of the rock at the surface which looks like an Elephant’s head.

The ideal period to visit this site is from October to November. It has currents that are quite strong and an approximately depth of 25 to 40 meters. Located just south of the island no. 8 (Ko Similan), Elephant Head is amazing playground for scuba divers.

Different species of sharks like White Tip Sharks, Black Tip Sharks and Leopard Sharks can be seen. Be amazed as huge schools of pelagics such as giant Trevallies and Barracudas can also be witness.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 25m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: –

christmas-point | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Christmas Point

Up for more adventure? Christmas Point is another Similan’s best dive site to visit. With its huge boulders, soft corals, arches, and passages spread out over the area on the west side of island no. 9, this site is perfect to get lost and be mesmerize with its beauty.

It has a depth from 35 meters to the surface and sometimes classified as a drift dive. Strong currents are sometimes experience in here so always check the conditions before jumping. The best time to dive is from October to November of the year.

Consists of huge rocks and nice drop off that is very scenic with lots of sea fans that gives a wonderful photo opportunities. It is a perfect place to spot White Tip Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, and schools of Barracudas. Fans of macro life such as Frog Fish, Ribbon Eels, and Nudibranchs can be seen in here that will surely love by the divers.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: –
Maximum Depth: 35m
Average Visibility: –

east-of-eden | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

East of Eden

Classified as a deep dive, East of Eden is probably the best reefs and most variety of any sites in the Similan Islands. The ideal period to visit in here is from October to November of the year. It has a gentle current, making it a great slow drive drift dive.

East of Eden is really an “aquarium” diving and many divers rate this as their favorite site. This is a typical east coast site featuring a healthy hard coral reef mixed with soft corals. Coral formations are amazing with huge boomie going from 12 meters to 25 meters deep. It has an amazing reef life which this site is proud. Currents are usually strong so it is suited for experienced divers.

Perfect place for underwater photography as Turtles are commonly seen on the shallow reef top as well as Frog Fish and other critters.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 12m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: –

beacon-point | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Beacon Point

Located on the southern tip of Similan Island No. 8, Beacon Point or Beacon Rock is wild and rocky. It is considered as the longest reef of the Similan Islands and features a superb coral from shallow water to 30 meters deep. The best time to visit in here is from October to November and classified as a deep dive. There is usually no current making it a relaxing dive.

A rock on the surface of the site resembles a face, and if you descend in here, you’ll find huge boulders from 20 to 35 meters on a white sandy bottom. On northern part, you’ll reach the reef that continues for several kilometers along the East of the island.

This dive site offers you the chance to spot Sting Rays, Reef Sharks, and the beautiful Leopard Sharks. You can also see in here the biggest number of coral species with over 300 species on the same reef. It is perfect for macro lovers as many Nudibranchs, Scorpion Fish, and other critters smiles at you underwater.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 20m
Maximum Depth: 35m
Average Visibility: –

fantasea-reef | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Fantasea Reef

Considered as one of the top dive sites in the Similan Islands, Fantasea Reef has a lot to offer of variety and abundance of fish life. Located at the bit offshore off the west coast of Koh Similan, it also features huge granite boulders as often seen in the Similan as well as swimthroughs and soft corals that covers the wide area.

Ideal time to dive is from October to November. The visibility is often good in here that ranges between 20 to 40 meters.

Don’t forget your cameras as marine life is truly fantastic in here along with huge, great variety and density of fishes. Fusiliers, Sharks, and all sorts of Tropical Fish can be seen as well as other marine life such as Shy Clown, Trigger Fish, Powder Blue Sturgeonfish, Masked Unicorn Fish, Moorish Idols, and Cow-tail Rays.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 20m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: –

snapper-alley | Diving in Similan | Dive Similan | Similan Dive Sites

Snapper Alley

Snapper Alley has a maximum depth of 20 meters, which is an easy dive site. Normally, there are no strong currents in here that makes it a good diving site for beginner divers as well as for night diving. Best time to dive in here is from October to November.

It is situated at the South East of Koh Bangu Island, the number 9 of the island. It has a very healthy hard corals with huge coral tables to witness. Here, divers will be able to see schools of various species of Snapper.

Different beautiful Parrotfish, Lionfish, and Barracudas swim around the island confidently along the Moray Eels that hide in holes in the rocks. Be ready as Spotted Garden Eels, Blue-Spotted Stingrays, and Leopard or Zebra Sharks out on the sandy bottom will greet you.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: –
Maximum Depth: 20m
Average Visibility: –

Diving in Similan

Similan, considered as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world, lies about 100 kilometers northwest of Phuket and were declared as National Park in 1982. It is one of the best known island groups in Andaman Sea, located 60 nautical miles northwest from home port of Patong and 35 miles due west of the closest pier at Tap-Lamu.

The best time to visit in the island is between Octobers to May for consistently great weather. Water clarity on Similan Islands is clearer during the summer months. The monsoons play an important role in all aspects of the Similan. While in late February to through mid-March, least amount of rain is experience, seas are very calm and evenings are perfect. Visibility ranges from 25 to 40 meters during the period and water temperatures between 26 to 29°c. The Eastern part of the island tends to have gentler currents and this makes the eastern dive sites ideal for both divers and snorkelers.

The name “Similan” is derived from the Malay Sembilan meaning “nine”. Each of the Similan nine granite boulder islands has a number as well as a name. If you are up to a liveaboard adventure, Similan Islands is perfect site to visit because it features varied landscapes and vibrant marine life. Witness the natural beauty of massive boulders, caves, reefs and passages that are habitat to over 500 species of hard and soft corals. The East Coast proudly presents you an exceptional visibility and weak to moderate currents and West Coast that has a deeper with stronger currents.

Similan islands is not only perfect above water but also underwater. To its tropical white sandy beaches down to granite boulders underwater is a paradise worth visiting. Abundant marine life roaming around the waters such as Leopard Sharks, Guitar Rays, White Tip Sharks, Blue Spotted Stingrays, Clown Trigger Fish, Rabbit Fish, Scorpion fish, Snappers, Emperor Fish, Giant Trevally and Angelfish. Divers may also be impressed by Turtles, Giant Bumphead Parrotfish, Mantis Shrimps, Porcelain Crabs, and Cleaner Shrimps.

Best Diving Season:  -November to May
Water Temperature: 26-30°C
Marine Animal Highlights:  Turtles, Frogfish, McKosker’s Wrasse, Red & Purple Fire Gobies, Manta Rays & Guitar Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Whale sharks, Malabar Groupers
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 25m to 40m
Transportation: -Liveaboard

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